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Hedge Trimming

professional hedge trimming service

Tree services are provided best by the team here at Tree Service in Austin, TX. Also, we are the tree trimming experts that are also able to extend our expertise to hedge trimming services as well. You see, our team always prioritizes your service results in addition to environmental care. This combination is a sure way to always get the results and the services that you have been hoping for. Not to mention, our team knows when it is the best time to trim the hedges. As such, the results are always going to blow away your expectations. It is never going to feel like it was a bad haircut.


If you have hedges to optimize the privacy that you have at your property, our team is the one that you should trust with all of the hedge trimming services that you need. Unlike other service providers in the region, our team is highly knowledgeable about the different hedge species. As such, we are able to trim the hedges in a way to optimize growth. This growth is going to further substantiate the outstanding privacy levels that you want to achieve for your home or property.

Every Spring

When you want to get your hedges looking great at the start of the season, you will be able to call our team of tree service experts here at Tree Service in Austin, TX. We will be able to come to your property every spring to trim the hedges. When we come by, we will be able to trim the plant in a way that is going to optimize growth, and we will also ensure that the hedges are prepared to thrive for the entire growing season. We get this work done with ease and in a brief timeframe. We know that the work we do is going to fulfill your needs.

Hedge Trimmings

The trimmings of the hedges can accumulate a lot, and you are not going to want to deal with all of these hedge trimmings on your property. Luckily though, our team is going to be able to remove all of the trimmings for you. In addition to providing you with outstanding results, we also have a reliable trimming and yard waste disposal process. We will be able to take the old trimmings to the landfill or the eco-recycling center. Overall, you are getting thorough and thoughtful services for the work that we are able to do for you.


When it comes to scheduling an appointment for the hedge trimming services that you need, you will be impressed with our ability to accommodate your schedule. If you need urgent services, we have an urgent dispatch team that will be able to come to you and get the work done. Not to mention, we will be able to come to your property at your earliest convenience. We know that the high response rate that our team is able to provide is reliable, and we are proud to be able to consistently meet your needs. Also, we offer scheduling flexibility if you need to change the time or date.

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